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No one wished for the problems the world is facing in 2020 and the following months. However: life goes on and one of our strengths as humans is that we adapt quickly to new situations. Your health and our staff’s health are very important to us, therefore we are making the following changes in Fux restaurant:

  1. We will not open before the 18th of January 2021 - according to the government guidelines.

  2. We give you more space: the distance between the tables will be increased. The entire Bar in the first floor will be closed and instead the restaurant will be expanded into the area around the old Bar.

  3. There is the possibility of booking the gallery for an exclusive, enclosed space for 6 people. This room will have to be pre-booked and will have a pre-chosen set menu

  4. To stop the constant flow of people entering and leaving the restaurant, there will be two possible booking slots: from 18:00/18:30 and 20:30/21:00.

  5. Max 6 persons per table.

  6. In case you spend your holidays in an apartment, please do consider having a look at our new TAKE AWAY options which will be released in January.

  7. Our AC system was always very strong due to our open kitchen, and is therefore constantly renewing the inside air from outside.

  8. Our staff will regularly be undergoing covid tests. Before each shift, temperatures will be taken and protocolled.

  9. At least one member per table will have to leave their name, address and phone number. This information will be handled confidentially and deleted after 14 days. We work with an easy, digital solution for the procedure.

  10. Credit card terminals and menus will be disinfected after every use.

  11. Our members of staff at the entry and in the service area work with a mask on.

  12. When entering the restaurant or using the bathrooms, guests have to wear a mask (you will have to bring your own masks). Of course you may take off your masks once you sit at the table.

  13. In every room, there will be opportunities to disinfect your hands.

  14. The restrooms and all door handles will be disinfected hourly.

  15. Our members of staff will not visit any night clubs during the winter-season. We will equip them with FFP2 masks, which they will be wearing on their days off on the ski lift or the supermarket.

  16. All members of staff have the Austrian STOPP CORONA APP and will get informed if they had contact with an infected person. Please use it as well during your stay in Austria. It works anonymously via bluetooth.

All of these measures are continuously evaluated and changed if necessary. Updated: 18.12.2020

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