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Our portfolio includes, among others. the following winemakers:



  • Paul Pillot

  • Thierry Pillot

  • Olivier Leflaive

  • Frank Grux 

  • Thomas Morey

  • Georges & Christoph Roumier

  • Henri Boillot

  • Pierre Morey-Blanc

  • Rémi Jobard               

  • Jean-Philippe Fichet

  • Domaine de la Pousse d'Or

  • Marc Colin

  • Henri & Gilles Buisson

  • Génot-Boulanger

  • Albert Grivault

  • Michel Bouzereau

  • Bernard Defaix 

  • Arnaud & Sophie Sirugue-Noellat

  • Domaine de 22

  • Bachelet Monot

  • Anne Boisson

  • Raymond Dupont-Fahn

  • Rapet Pere & Fils

  • Domaine des Lambrays

  • Michèle & Patrice Rion

  • Pierre Amiot & Fils

  • Thibault Liger-Belair

  • Robert Arnoux

  • Olivier Merlin

  • YES Ferret

  • Bruno Clair

  • Anne Gros

  • AF Gros

  • Robert Sirugue

  • Petit Roy

  • Humbert & Frères

  • Denis Mortet

  • Thierry Mortet

  • Pierre Boisson

  • Domaine de Montille

  • Duroché

  • Henri Rebourseau

  • Joseph Roty

  • Geantet-Pansiot

  • Arlaud

  • Laurent Roumier

  • Olivier Guyot

  • Henri Gouges



  • Eric De Sousa 

  • Egly-Ouriet

  • Pascal Agrapart & Fils

  • La Closerie - Jérôme Prévost

  • Valentin Leflaive 

  • Emmanuel Brochet





The Fux Restaurant has been around since 1998 , the Fux Wine Agency for almost as long. Over time, the subject of wine developed from a hobby to a passion, and the knowledge about it developed into expertise. When everyone else lay on the beach reading crime novels in the summer season, Peter Strolz lifted 5kg 'Broadbends Wine Lexicon' towards the sky. What he found exciting while reading, he tried at tastings. In the course of time, preferences turned from Austria to Italy, touched the New World and the deeper Peter Strolz's relationship with oenology became, the clearer his personal insight: it has to be France if it is to be good.


"The quality of the Burgundy wines in the form of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir is unique."  And this rating also applies to the second star of the range: champagne. However, the wine agency does not work with large champagne factories, but only with small wineries. "It's like comparing hand-made bespoke shoes made of leather and Adiletten," says Peter Strolz:


Peter Strolz is the heart of the Fux Wine Agency. 

The premise for the wine trade is simple: only what Peter likes himself is sold. What may seem snobbish stems from a fundamentally honest attitude:


IMG_0514 copy.jpg





On wine tours to the small and special wineries in Burgundy and Champagne, wine jewels are sought and found beyond the well-known names. These enrich the range and bring variety to the wine glass and the cellar.

Each wine is personally tasted and selected . The wine is only included in the range if the quality is convincing. Price-performance ratio has to be right, but that doesn't mean that you have to dig deep into your pockets for Burgundy wines and champagne. You can certainly do that, no question about it, but the list of the wine agency also includes the most wonderful everyday wines that do not hurt the purse at all.


Handshake quality, a good dose of humor and uncomplicated interaction with one another makes the wine agency's business relationships pleasant. And amicable. Both to the customers and to the winemaker partners.

Wine boxes.jpg


“The people of Burgundy and Champagne are like us,” Peter often says. “They don't talk a lot, but they have a handshake quality. These are earthy characters. You have to gain their affection, but then work turns into trust and ultimately friendship. That's how I always wanted to work. I value personal relationships. I'm an analogue guy. ”So it is not surprising that most of the winegrowers with whom the Fux Weinagentur works, work biodynamically out of conviction - quite a few also with certification.


The Fux Weinagentur is the general importer for Austria for the majority of its range. It is delivered directly from the winery to our cellar and from there, well stored, it is delivered to customers in Austria and other parts of the world.

Peter knows every wine in the wine cellar. Its character and potential for development. He knows which wine suits which people and which occasion. The focus of the Fux Wine Agency is not on selling, but on advice and finding the perfect pairing.


  • Advice (taste & drinkability)

  • Professional shipping

  • Advice to restaurateurs on the creation of wine lists and price calculations

  • Advice on setting up a private wine cellar

  • Wine buying for the next generation

  • Advice for resellers on building up their product range

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