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The book with the ambiguous name "Aufgedeckt" offers, in addition to recipes, a look behind the scenes of a rapid winter season. It tells what the Fux should originally have been, what it was and what it has developed into. In another chapter, the reader gets an insight into the life of an employee who spends his first season on the Arlberg in the form of funny diary entries. Entertaining anecdotes from guests and suppliers will be presented. In an interview, a ski instructor from Lech tells of the ambition to offer guests a perfect day of skiing. For wine freaks and those who want to become one, host Peter Strolz explains how to prepare and carry out a wine tasting. A bizarre chapter about an alien invasion in Lech follows, and last but not least, the who's who in the Strolz clan is finally clarified.

And between all these entertaining stories, fine recipes from Euro-Asian cuisine find their place, broken down by ingredients that are important in the Fux Restaurant: ginger, chilli, mango, cinnamon, lemongrass, pepper, onion and garlic, lemon and lime, coconut, and don't forget coriander. For the long-time Fux Chef de Cuisine Peter Brandner, who wrote the recipes, it was important that they can be cooked by every hobby chef and that only ingredients were used that are found in every well-stocked supermarket these days.

Martina Strolz is responsible for the idea of the large-format book, from whose pen the texts come, which conducted the interviews and which it implemented graphically. 

“With us, the guest only sees the - hopefully - tasty end product on the plate. To make this possible, 1000 things run in the background - 7 days a week. Especially in a place like Lech with its international and discerning guests, the clocks sometimes tick differently. I wanted to capture that with this cooking and reading book. "

Fux cookbook 'Aufgedeckt', 2007

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